Teamwork With Your Child

Recently,  I watched a great video presentation called Five Ways to Develop Your Team.  It was intended as a short tutorial to help managers develop the people in their organization.  

As parents, we can apply these same principles.

When we see that our child is not mastering their multiplication tables, for example,  we must identify the primary ISSUE that is causing the poor performance.  The issue then determines the ROLE that we need to play to boost our child’s performance.

Our role as parents might need to be one of guide, coach, mentor or sponsor.  Teacher is not always what our children need us to be for them.

Variety Helps

If your child is only using flash cards to practice their multiplication facts, guide them to find some other methods of practice.  There are songs that are written for kids to practice their multiplication facts.  That can add some fun as well as additional practice.  If your child likes to draw, have them use colored pencils or markers to make collages or drawings with their multiplication facts hidden in them.

Be Your Child’s Mentor

If you child is saying to you that learning their facts is dumb or boring or hard, then your role needs to be one of mentor.  Point out the many ways that you use multiplication in your daily life.  Tell them that they will do multiplication in middle school and high school; it’s not just for little kids.  This is being a mentor… helping them see the bigger picture.

If the struggle to learn their facts is starting to instill in them a belief that they are not good in math, or they are stupid, then they have developed an identity which is not helpful to them. 

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